Research at UTSA

Research at UTSA

UTSA is an emerging research powerhouse. As a Roadrunner, you will have tremendous opportunity to propel research forward, even as an undergraduate student. Here’s an overview of some of the amazing things our students have been up to.

Research at UTSA

Working with NASA to Combat Climate Change

UTSA received a $3million grant from NASA to develop a new interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Measurements in Extreme Environments. Understanding the devastating effects of climate change, UTSA students and faculty will work to improve measurement and modelling technology to better combat extreme heat conditions.

Fighting Epilepsy and Seizures

UTSA neuroscience researcher Vanesa Nieto Estevez secured a $50,000 fellowship stipend to support her efforts to curb the effects of epilepsy. Through this fellowship, Nieto Estevez hopes to improve understanding of genetic epilepsy that impacts roughly 6 of each 1,000 children, causing uncontrollable seizures.

Earning Recognition as at Top Young University

Once again, UTSA has been recognized for excellence in academics and research. The designation recognizes universities based on how many times its published research has been cited by scholars around the world. UTSA placed sixth in the US and among the top 150 young universities globally in the most recent rankings.

Planning for the Needs of an Expanding Population

UTSA was awarded a $500,000 grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to help address the challenges of a growing US population and changing demography. The grant will be used to support 36 fellowships tied to research surrounding the them Latinos in a Changing World.

UTSA faculty and students are conducting amazing research across many academic disciplines. How will you make your mark on the world?