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There’s a reason January 15 is an important date for Future Roadrunners. It’s our priority deadline. Submitting your financial aid and admissions applications before this date can help you maximize your financial aid for UTSA. If you’re an incoming freshman and meet the other requirements, you can become eligible for our Bold Promise, which fully covers your tuition and mandatory fees, or be automatically considered for our Distinguished Presidential Scholarship, which awards up to 5,000 dollars per year. You can also be considered for even more scholarships and financial aid opportunities. Sound good to you? Here’s what you should do before the priority deadline:


  1. Apply to UTSA

    Make sure to submit your fall admissions application and all of your documentation before the priority deadline. Apply now!

  2. Submit your FAFSA or TASFA

    This ensures you’ll be considered for the max amount of financial aid you qualify for. Don’t forget to include UTSA’s school code when you file your FAFSA: it’s 010115. If you are a Texas resident but ineligible for federal financial aid through the FAFSA, you can submit a TASFA in order to be considered for aid. Click here to learn more.

  3. Complete the Scholarship Hubs General Application

    The Scholarship Hub General Application is the best way to be considered for scholarships at UTSA. Even after you complete the general application, there are still additional scholarships you can apply for. Scholarships are added regularly and have different closing dates, so we suggest checking the Hub regularly for new opportunities. Visit the Scholarship Hub now to get started!

Doing each of these things before January 15 can give you a great boost in funding your education, so don’t wait!