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Recently, UTSA received approval from the University of Texas System to merge the current College of Engineering with the College of Architecture, Construction & Planning to form the College of Engineering and Integrated Design (CEID). The new college will officially launch on September 1, 2021.

Why did the colleges merge? 

The formation of CEID in which many disparate, yet complimentary, academic disciplines will be housed together creates an interdisciplinary learning environment that more closely resembles the modern workforce. Once students graduate from one of CEID’s programs, they will likely work closely with professionals of these partner disciplines. Students pursuing a degree from CEID will have several opportunities to collaborate with and learn from their peers throughout the duration of their program. 

Which programs will be housed in CEID? 

CEID will be home to existing undergraduate programs in architecturebiomedical engineeringchemical engineeringcivil engineeringcomputer engineeringconstruction science and managementelectrical engineeringinterior design, and mechanical engineering. CEID will also offer graduate and doctoral degrees across multiple academic disciplines. 

What should I expect as a student in CEID? 

Those who join CEID are welcomed to a diverse and engaging community of students and researchers. We encourage students to maximize their college experience and we offer support resources, research opportunities and avenues for involvement from your very first semester.  

UTSA’s commitment to hands-on, experiential learning is a powerful way to apply your knowledge acquired in the classroom and prepare for your professional life. In future semesters, CEID students will be required to complete a Signature Experience to complete their undergraduate degree. Your experience may take the form of an internship, a research project, a study-abroad program, or by engaging in service learning. 

 Where can I learn more about CEID? 

Information about our academic programs is available throughout the Future Roadrunner website. CEID and UTSA will be attending many college fairs across the state of Texas throughout the next academic year and would love to meet you there. We also welcome you to reach out to Jennifer McDaniel, our Associate Director of Recruitment, with any questions you may have.