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College is so much more than textbooks and lecture halls.
Aileen graduated with a communication degree and now works as an Assistant Account Executive at McCann New York!

Some of the best things you’ll learn will come from outside the classroom. Whether it’s internships, lab research, service-learning projects, joining a student organization, or studying abroad, there are plenty of experiential “on-the-job” learning opportunities at UTSA.

What is Experiential Learning?

Experiential learning is any practical learning experience that is active, hands-on and engaging. It’s a skill or experience you learn that can be directly applied toward your career.

Read on to see how recent grad Roadrunners used the experiential learning they received at UTSA to jumpstart their careers and make the most out of their time after college.

Aileen Montana
Communication ’19
Assistant Account Executive

Aileen works for McCann New York as an assistant account executive for their Verizon Wireless account. In this role, she’s charged with producing smartphone commercials and helps the account executive on all of their video, billboard, digital banner and printed marketing projects.

For Aileen, attending UTSA meant so much more than showing up to class. She held leadership positions with the Student Government Association where she served as a liaison between students and the university. This role developed her leadership abilities and gave her experiences that she was able to carry into her career.

The main thing Aileen wants to emphasize for Future Roadrunners is to keep persevering and never give up. She wants Future Roadrunners to know that it doesn’t matter how many times you get rejected, you need to keep striving and working hard to achieve your goals.

“Life will throw you curveballs and put boulders in your path, but it’s how you go about overcoming those obstacles that is going to help you grow. Approach any situation with a positive and a ‘can do’ mentality, even when it seems impossible.”

Craig Guttierez
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Service Engineer

Craig is a service engineer at StandardAero, a San Antonio firm that performs maintenance, repair and overhaul on aircraft engines. He guides work-scoping and troubleshooting for the military engine line, which involves the tear-down, repair, build and testing of individual engines.

Although Craig learned how to solve complex problems and think technically in his engineering courses at UTSA, he found that extracurricular activities were the building blocks to lifelong skills and relationships.

He worked a couple of on-campus jobs that helped him increase his confidence, leadership skills and decision making. His involvement with student organizations like Every Nation Campus and the Rowdy Motor Club and Intramural Sports also improved his social skills and networking abilities, which have proved vital to his career.

Craig encourages Future Roadrunners to get involved in organizations and to seek leadership opportunities that will help you grow as an individual. “Take advantage of any opportunity to gain new experiences, and don’t let your comfort zone keep you from learning, growing and fully enjoying your time at UTSA.”

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