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UTSA is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary today with our Future Roadrunners! Explore our history and join the celebration as we look back on some of the university’s milestones.

Bird’s Up!

Even though UTSA is still very young, many Roadrunners have had the chance to establish traditions and icons that still carry forth to this day. See how Chris Webb, one of the university’s original Ootsa Men, created the Roadrunner hand sign. By becoming a Roadrunner, you’ll have a chance to contribute to the growing history of UTSA and leave your legacy at a world-ranked university.

Fiesta Time!

Aligning with its home-city roots, UTSA joins San Antonio every April to celebrate Fiesta, The Alamo City’s signature festival. Dating back to 1891, Fiesta is a city-wide tradition that honors the memory of Texas’ fight for independence. As an official part of San Antonio’s Fiesta, Fiesta UTSA joins in celebrating the city’s rich history on the Main Campus with food, games and live music performances from students.

How the Roadrunner Became Our Mascot

Ever wonder how mascots are chosen at a university? Democratically, of course! Student voices matter at UTSA and one of the best ways to experience this is to get involved on campus—just like UTSA students did in the late 1970s when it came time to choose the university’s mascot. It took a couple of votes before Rowdy the Roadrunner was born, but the new mascot was finally unveiled over a bonfire rally on December 9, 1977.

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