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UTSA has been recognized by Nature Index as one of the leading universities globally for its output of research in the natural sciences, including as one of the Top 25 Rising Young Universities.

The rankings, based on author affiliation with primary research articles from a group of prestigious science journals, place UTSA among the:

The journals included in the Nature Index account for nearly 30% of total citations in natural science journals.

UTSA’s research citations tracked by the Nature Index ranked highest in the subject areas of chemistry and the life sciences followed by earth and environmental sciences and the physical sciences. Articles were published in Advanced Materials, Cancer Research, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Neuroscience, Nano Letters and Science, among others.

Previously, in 2018, Nature Index named UTSA as a rising star among universities in global science research.

“UTSA is consistently recognized for its research and discovery efforts, supporting our vision to become a premier research institution as it catapults toward Carnegie R1 designation,” said Bernard Arulanandam, UTSA vice president for research, economic development and knowledge enterprise. “This ranking represents the level of commitment and influence UTSA researchers have, not just within our own university but among the academic and scientific community worldwide.”

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