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When it comes to choosing the right college for you, it’s important that you can envision yourself there. Whether you’ve had the chance to tour campus or not, we want to show you what’s in store if you become a Roadrunner. Here’s a glimpse into what your average day as a UTSA student might be like.


UTSA Student waking up in dorm room

Where do you wake up?

On campus is the best place for a Roadrunner to wake up. You could be in Chaparral Village Residence Hall, where you live in apartment style housing, complete with your own private bedroom. You can already hear your roommates up and chatting in the living room, and smell the coffee they’re brewing in your kitchenette. Maybe instead you went with Alvarez Hall, where you get your own room and a Jack and Jill bathroom.



It’s time to go to class!

Maybe you have a biology lab in the new Science and Engineering Building, or you could have a Freshman Composition course in the North Paseo Building. Wherever your classes are, they’re held in world-class facilities, which helps you to stay focused during lectures.

UTSA classroom filled with students



UTSA student in dining hall

Lunch time! Where should you go eat?

How about Subway? There’s one located in the JPL food court. With an easy swipe of your UTSACard, you pay for your food with Dining Dollars.



You need to study, but where can you go?

There are study rooms available all over campus, but you find an open spot on the second floor of the JPL. You could also have reserved a study room on the fourth floor using the UTSA Libraries website.

UTSA students studying in the library



UTSA students working out in the gym

Time to relax! What is there to do for fun at UTSA?

You could meet some friends at The Roost. They have board games, air hockey, pool, and even video games. Maybe it’s a Friday, and you’re thinking about catching a movie at the UCinema. There’s lots to do, but you decide to head to the Rec for a workout.



What about off campus?

You could try out The Block, the open area right by campus that’s full of food trucks. It’s a regular hangout spot for students. There is also the La Cantera shopping mall, or Six Flags, which are also within a mile of the main campus.

Six Flags at Fiesta Texas



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