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You may have heard the news that UTSA has just been named a Carnegie R1 institution, but what does that mean, and why is it such a big deal? Here’s what you need to know.


What it means

Every five years, Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education selects a limited number of universities that have demonstrated notable progress in their research efforts. This designation ranks us among the top 4% of research universities in the nation!


Why it matters

UTSA is one of six Tier One universities to have three National Centers of Academic Excellence, and one of ten Tier One universities to have the Seal of Excelencia for Latino Student Success. This shows that UTSA is dedicated to both academic excellence and the wellbeing and success of our student population.


This designation not only sets apart the university itself, but its students, too! The Tier One classification improves the value of a UTSA degree, making Roadrunners more likely to stand out to potential employers and graduate schools. Whether you go into the career world or graduate school after walking the stage, your reputation as a UTSA graduate will set you apart from the rest.



UTSA empowers students to create their bold futures through cutting-edge research and professional development. We’re very proud to have earned this distinction, and are excited to see how it helps our future Roadrunners pursue their bold futures.