Online Degree Programs

Online Degree Programs

UTSA offers online programs that are designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. The coursework from these programs provides a personalized experience that is 100% online. Also, you may receive credit for the previous college courses that you’ve taken, which could shorten the time it takes to earn your degree and advance your career.

Online Degrees


Develop and sharpen your communication skills while earning your bachelor’s degree in communication. Through this comprehensive program, you’ll apply your writing, editing, research, and presentation talents to convey information to diverse audiences effectively and efficiently.  These marketable skills will ensure that you remain highly valued by employers in many industries.

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Cyber Security

Ranked #1 in the nation, this unique UTSA program contextualizes the role of cyber security within the greater business landscape. By building a general knowledge of business alongside highly marketable cyber security skills, you’ll be able to protect and defend valuable information, data and assets. Plus, with a strong comprehension of the dynamic relationship between cyber security and an organization’s greater goals, you’ll be prepared to actively build and sustain a firm’s digital future.

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Multidisciplinary Studies

If you’d like to study two to three things but can’t decide which, then Multidisciplinary Studies is the ideal major for you. It’s a well-rounded path to earning a degree if your interests lie in multiple areas that wouldn’t fit into a single undergraduate program. This program is designed to encourage creativity, innovation, and critical thinking, while also preparing you with marketable skillsets that can help you successfully pursue and thrive in a wide range of careers—from education, government, and management, to human resources, law enforcement, and nonprofit management.

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