Pre-College Programs

Pre-College Programs

UTSA has several programs aimed towards middle and high schoolers to get ready for college. These programs focus on student success skills, career awareness, and college readiness.

Dual Credit Program

The UTSA Early Birds Dual Credit Program allows eligible juniors and seniors from high schools across San Antonio to earn college credits while still in high school. All Dual Credit coursework will count as high school as well as college credit. Early Bird students will attend classes on UTSA campuses, earning credits in highly transferable, core curriculum courses. Every participating student will the opportunity to experience everything a top tier four year university has to offer.

Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP)

PREP identifies middle and high school students who have an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and helps prepare those students for success in advanced studies and careers by providing a challenging academic program that emphasizes the development of abstract reasoning and problem solving skills and exposure to careers through speakers and field trips.

UTSA Ready Program

UTSA Ready is an early college awareness and academic preparation bridging program for high school juniors and seniors. UTSA Ready takes a holistic approach to student college preparation and success by addressing both cognitive and non-cognitive skills.
Developed by UTSA faculty and staff, the curriculum addresses college success skills and academic preparation for the rigor of college-level coursework, helping students refine their reading, writing and mathematics skills. Program participants are introduced to a number of topics meant to encourage, inspire and prepare them for college.

Early Admission Program

The Early Admission Program is for individual high school students who want to start earning college credit while in high school. Students who have junior or senior class standing or are applying to a Special Admission Program may be admitted under this program and enroll in UTSA courses while completing their high school studies.