Rowdy Ready

Rowdy Ready

Incoming Freshmen

Due to COVID-19, there may be delays with high schools sending final transcripts. We recommend requesting your transcript to be sent to UTSA as soon as possible to account for any delays. We will continue to update with information as it becomes available. For more on UTSA’s response on COVID-19, click here.

As an incoming freshman, make sure your transcripts are properly submitted so you don’t have any holds on your account and are eligible to receive your financial aid disbursements.

Please note: final transcripts are not required to attend Orientation; however, you should submit them as soon as you receive them. This requirement directly effects when you will receive your Financial Aid (if offered) and registration for future semesters.

Which transcript do I need to submit?

Official High School Transcript

Submit your official high school transcript after you’ve graduated. This is necessary in order to receive your financial aid disbursements.

Dual Credit Transcript

If you’re taking dual credit, please submit all dual credit transcripts from the college you got dual credit from. Be sure that all grades earned shows up on the transcript. If you’re currently taking dual credit somewhere, submit that transcript once final grades are available.

How can I submit the transcript?

  • Electronically: Ask your school to send your official transcript to UTSA through either TREx. Electronic Parchment and E-Script PDF transcripts can be sent to UTSA also accepts transcripts via Naviance
  • Mail: Send an official, sealed copy of your transcript to:
    The University of Texas at San Antonio
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    One UTSA Circle San Antonio, TX 78249
  • In Person: Bring your official, sealed copy of your transcript to either the Main Campus or Downtown One Stop Enrollment Center during regular business hours or place in the One Stop drop box located on the first floor of the JPL (John Peace Library), near the office doors on the Main campus.

You can check ASAP to see if your hold has been removed and to verify if your transcript has been received by UTSA.