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Placement Exam

For many majors (science, technology and math), it’s strongly recommended you take a math and/or chemistry placement exam before registering for classes; engineering majors are required to take the math placement exam to be placed into calculus. Taking a placement exam could allow you to test into a higher prerequisite course for your first semester, which could help you graduate sooner. Placement exams are offered through UTSA Testing Services.

Math Placement Exam

You should take a Math Placement Exam if you are TSI complete in Math and need to take a math course higher than College Algebra, as it is one way you can fulfill the prerequisites to enroll in Precalculus or Calculus.

The Math Placement exam is required for Engineering Majors.

Taking the Math Placement Exam

Chemistry Placement Exam

You should take the Chemistry Placement Exam if you need a higher chemistry course than Basic Chemistry and want to register and take General Chemistry (CHE 1103) in your first semester.

Taking the Chemistry Placement Exam


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