Areas of Study


Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong generation? Holding an affinity for the things of the past? Do you ever visit monuments and enjoy reading the plaque stories that took place from another time? If this rings true for you, then you may want to consider majoring in history.

UTSA’s History Program

At UTSA, you can earn the B.A. in History with an optional concentration in Social Studies. Concentrations are declared after you’ve been admitted and have met with your academic advisor. This program combines the development of informed perspectives, cultivation of analytical skills, and mastery of content areas that cover the United States and different regions in the world. A major in History teaches a student to write effectively and expressively, to think critically, to analyze arguments, and to communicate ideas. These skills will aid in the pursuit of a career in a variety of fields.

Career Resources

UTSA’s University Career Center offers several resources to help students identify and develop the global skills necessary to successfully pursue and achieve lifelong career goals.

What can I do with a History major?

Marketable Skills