How many influential and inspirational brands got to where they are with the help of their advertising? Apple. Geico. Coca-Cola. Lincoln. These corporate giants have created an identity and culture through the narratives they’ve weaved into their marketing. If you’re interested in playing a part in writing these stories, then a Marketing major may be right for you.

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UTSA’s Marketing Program

UTSA’s Marketing degree will teach you how to uncover the processes that create successful brands, products and services. You’ll explore how companies communicate the power of their brands through traditional and digital advertising and through social media in our multicultural and global world. As marketing is fundamental in creating value and connecting, satisfying and retaining clients, it’s become essential in nearly every industry. A degree in marketing will prepare you for careers in advertising, promotions, sales, market research, SEO outreach and more.

What You’ll Learn

As a marketing major, you’ll have the option of learning a business competency as you work toward completing your degree. These competencies are available through elective courses and aim to develop a greater set of marketable skills for business majors. The competencies available for marketing majors are analytics, entrepreneurship, international business, leading change, modeling and risk management.

Marketing majors can also choose a track in Sport, Event and Tourism to prepare for careers in amateur athletics, facilities management, health and fitness, professional sports, sports media and more. Tracks are declared after you’ve been admitted and have met with your academic advisor.

Careers in Marketing

Top job titles for Marketing graduates include:

• Marketing Manager
• Marketing Specialist
• Sales Representative
• Sales Manager
• Account Manager/Executive
• Communications Specialist

Marketing and its related career pathways are currently in average demand in Texas, with more than 23,000 job opportunities in the 2018-2019 financial year. US States/Regions with high demand for related jobs include Illinois, Georgia and California. More than 12 million marketing-related job opportunities existed nationwide in 2018-19.

Career Resources

UTSA’s University Career Center offers several resources to help students identify and develop the global skills necessary to successfully pursue and achieve lifelong career goals.

Please note that there are additional admission requirements that need to be met in order to be admitted into this major. View all of UTSA’s specific admission requirements here.

Industries for Marketing Graduates

Marketing is a widely applicable major as businesses and organizations across several industries require staff and services related to this major. The industries that posted the largest number of marketing-related positions over 2018-19 included:

• Consulting Services
• Advertising
• Business Support Services
• Technical Services
• General Hospitals
• Insurance Carriers
• Higher Education

Salaries for Marketing Graduates

The salary range for open marketing-related positions in the US between November 2018 and October 2019 were:

lowest 10% $37,180
median $57,714
top 10% $96,786

Source: Burning Glass

Skills and Interests for Marketing Majors

While many skills and interests translate to potential careers as a Marketing graduate, some are more commonly sought after than others. Marketing may be a good fit for you if:

• You enjoy working with others
• You like being creative and artistic
• You enjoy sharing stories
• You are well organized
• You are a good planner

Student Spotlight

Aashiq Jivani ’18

Finance & Marketing Major

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