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The Alamo Runner program is a collaborative, co-enrollment partnership between Alamo Colleges and UTSA. The program supports students who were admitted to UTSA during a fall or spring semester but instead enrolled at one of the five Alamo Colleges.

Program Requirements

  • Complete an agreement of participation agreeing to be co-enrolled at both UTSA and Alamo Colleges
  • Co-enroll at both UTSA and Alamo Colleges by taking three hours at UTSA and 12 hours at an Alamo College
  • After a total of 45 transferrable hours, and students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress each semester, students can then transfer to UTSA without reapplying, to complete his or her bachelor’s degree and potentially receive your associate’s degree by way of Reverse Transfer.

For more information about the Alamo Runners program, please visit the UTSA Transfer and Transition Student Success website.