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On-TRAC (Transitioning Roadrunners at Alamo Colleges) is a program for first-time freshman students who apply to UTSA but may not qualify for guaranteed admission into UTSA.

Students can not apply directly to On-TRAC but are offered the opportunity to be a part of the On-TRAC program. On-TRAC provides students a pathway to UTSA and improves student success.

Program Requirements

Students who are offered the program and accept will:

  • In the fall, students will begin at one of the Alamo Colleges
  • In the spring, students will be co-enrolled both at Alamo Colleges and UTSA
  • In the following fall, if all the necessary criteria are met, then the student will be taking all of their courses at UTSA

For more information about the On-TRAC program, please visit the UTSA Transfer and Transition Student Success website.