Admitted to UTSA

Admitted to UTSA

Have you been admitted to UTSA? If so, congratulations! You’ve been admitted into a world-ranked institution that offers a top-tier academic experience. Buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

What’s Next?

1) Get Rowdy Ready

Once you have been admitted, it’s time to get Rowdy Ready! Your Rowdy Ready To-Do List will help you understand and keep track of your recommended and required admission items. It’s your guidebook to getting started as a Roadrunner and you can check your progress any time on ASAP.

View Your Rowdy Ready Checklist

2) See You at Orientation!

Orientation marks a major step towards becoming a Roadrunner. It’s a unique experience designed to welcome you to Roadrunner Nation. It may be one small step for man, but it’s one giant leap for a Roadrunner!

The Orientation Reservation System opens on specific dates that are based on your admitted term and student classification (freshman or transfer). You can access the system on ASAP and follow the step-by-step instructions to reserve your spot.

Learn more about Orientation

3) Need Housing?

Every Roadrunner needs a place to call home. Because of high demand for on-campus housing, students are advised to apply early. You will need your myUTSA ID to apply. On-campus housing is not required for freshmen, but research shows that students living on-campus are:

  • more satisfied with their living and college experience
  • earn higher grades
  • have a more satisfactory social life
  • participate in more student activities

Follow the steps to apply for housing

4) Need Financial Aid & Scholarships?

A FAFSA must be on file for you to be considered for any form of federal, state or institutional aid. Complete the FAFSA at, which opens October 1 for the coming aid year. Students must be admitted to UTSA to be awarded financial aid.

UTSA oversees a range of scholarships that are funded by the university and donors. To be considered for these, you must submit the UTSA General Scholarship application by the stated deadline. Academic colleges and departments administer their own scholarship programs and have separate applications.

Review more aid & scholarship details here

5) Releasing Information to Your Family

As a student, you can log into ASAP to grant a third-party user (parent, spouse or etc.) access to your academic information and student record. You must grant access before UTSA can release any information to a third party, whether it’s online, in person or over the phone.

Learn more about granting access

6) Virtual Swag

If you’ve been admitted to UTSA, it’s worth celebrating! Download some of our virtual swag to share the news and show your spirit.

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