Check Your Status

Check Your Status

You can check your admission status anytime on ASAP, your online student portal. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “Future Roadrunner” tab to see your various statuses.

ASAP Future Roadrunner

Claim your myUTSA ID

After you submitted your UTSA admission application either via ApplyTexas or Common App, you should have received an activation email from to activate your myUTSA ID. You will first need to activate your myUTSA ID, which serves as your primary student ID at UTSA.

Once activated, you will use your myUTSA ID and passphrase to log into just about everything here, including your student portal called “ASAP” (pronounced “a-sap”). If you need to reset your password/passphrase, visit the UTSA Passphrase Portal.

Note about Email Communications

During your Future Roadrunner journey, we will be using the email address you used on your Admissions application to communicate with you; however, it’s important to note that you will also be issued a UTSA email address. Once you’ve signed up for orientation or registered for classes, UTSA will start to send email communications to your UTSA email address and when you are fully enrolled, all communications will be sent exclusively to your UTSA email address.

Check your Admission Status and Missing Application Items

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can see your application status online, such as “incomplete item outstanding” or “decision made”. If you’re application status is “incomplete”, you will be able to see what additional items we will need to complete your admission file, such as test scores or application fee. If a decision has been made to your admission application, you will see a new label “decision” on the application summary.

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Select the “Future Roadrunner” tab on the main menu
  3. Click “Check your Admission Status”
  4. Select your “Admission Term” (ex: Fall 2021) to display the details of your application.
  5. Scroll on the page till you see “Application Status“.
  6. If “Application Status = Incomplete items outstanding”, scroll to the end of the page until you see “Requirements”. Any requirement that does not have a date listed in the “Received” column needs to be submitted to complete your application. Find out more on how to submit documents. If you also need to pay your application fee, you will see a button “Make Payment Now” displayed. Below is an example of what you will see in your account:missing application items
  7. If “Application Status = Decision Made, you’ll see a “Decision:” row displayed with the admission decision such as pending committee review, admitted, denied, etc.

Select Check Your Admission Status

Select Admission Term

See Missing Items

See Decision

Check your Rowdy Ready Status

For Admitted Students

Once you’ve been admitted, your next step is to get Rowdy Ready for Orientation! Your Rowdy Ready checklist will help you understand and keep track of items you will be required to complete. We also have a status page on your ASAP account where you can keep track of what’s incomplete or complete. Refer to the Rowdy Ready section of our site for details on each item.

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Select the “Future Roadrunner” tab on the main menu
  3. Click “Check your Rowdy Ready Status

Check your Academic Standing

For Admitted Students

Also once you’ve been admitted, you can check your incoming academic standing on your ASAP account.

  1. Log in to ASAP.
  2. Select the “Future Roadrunner” tab on the main menu
  3. Scroll down to the “for Admitted Student” section and your academic standing will be displayed under “Review your Academic Standing“.

ASAP Future Roadrunner Admitted Students