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UTSA puts students first by cultivating an environment focused on their success! This is accomplished by providing various resources, services, and programming to support our student’s academic and personal development throughout their college experience.

Academic Success Services

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center holds select student support programs such as the Tomás Rivera Center’s Academic Success Coaching as well as all academic advising offices. Academic advisors can help students figure out their degree plan, graduation, and more.

Academic Success Coaching

Our Academic Coaches serve as academic mentors to new students, and can help develop or improve study habits, prep for exams, use proper time management, and more. Academic Success Coaching, along with other support programs, is housed in the Student Success Center.

Tomás Rivera Center: Tutoring

The Tomás Rivera Center Tutoring Services provides academic support for courses in biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, mathematics, statistics and business. Students can access free drop-in, appointment-based, and group tutoring.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are fellow students who hold weekly study sessions for tough classes that they’ve already taken and aced. Students who regularly attend SI sessions usually average one half to one full letter grade higher in that course.

Graduation Help Desk

Our Graduation Help Desk (GHD) is a support center that can help you ensure your graduation stays on track. The GHD also works to identify common reasons for delayed graduations, especially if those reasons relate to institutional policies or procedures.

Peer Mentoring

Like Academic Coaches, peer mentors are fellow students that serve as mentors, but they are part of the First Year Experience(FYE) and help first-year freshmen specifically. They meet with freshmen to ensure they’re adjusting to college life, and are on a path to success.

UTSA Libraries

UTSA has three libraries that provide all the space, technology, materials and personalized help you need to be academically successful. The John Peace Library (JPL) is UTSA’s main library and offers over 800,000 books, more than 2,200 seats and several quiet study areas. If you need help, many of UTSA’s tutoring services are headquartered here along with subject librarians, or you can reserve a study room if you’d rather study alone or with a group.

The Writing Center

Part of the Writing Program, the Writing Center helps students through each step of the writing process from brainstorming, establishing a thesis and achieving coherence to recording and revising grammatical errors.

Student Support Services


Wellness 360 is a nurse-led clinic located at UTSA and operated by UT Health San Antonio, which offers a number of services including primary care, prescriptions, women’s health, chronic conditions, and much more!

Mental Health Services

UTSA utilizes an integrated approach to student physical and mental health to promote student success and wellbeing. The Mental Health Services provides same-day consultations, short-term individual counseling, group counseling, psychiatry, and a 24/7 Crisis Helpline.

Dreamers Resource Center

The term Dreamer(s) addresses undocumented students with and without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals(DACA). Our Dreamers Resource Center provides resources and information to help Dreamer students to know their rights, and ensure their success and graduation from UTSA.

First-Generation Students

First-Generation students (First-Gen for short) are defined as students whose parent(s) or guardian(s) have not completed a four-year degree. Our First-Gen & Transfer Student Center guides these students to success through activities, mentorships, and building a sense of community.

First-Year Experience (FYE)

The First-Year Experience (also known as FYE) serves to help students adjust to life as a college student. First year freshmen are given a peer mentor who provides them support in their studies as well as their social and personal lives.

Multicultural Center for Equity and Justice

The Multicultural Student Center works to build a sense of community at UTSA and San Antonio. The Center hosts equity-based trainings and works with student organizations to create programs and events that foster reflection and engagement with the many cultural backgrounds and identities of our diverse Roadrunner student body.

Fostering Educational Success Center

We strive to empower UTSA students with a history of foster care through our Fostering Educational Success Center. The FESC provides these students with various resources including incentives for enrollment and participation, emergency funds, peer mentoring, laptops available for checkout, and more.

Transfer Students

At UTSA, we provide support for transfer students before, during, and after their time as a Roadrunner. From digital resources like our transfer credit calculator, to appointing students their own transfer advisor, to our scholarships intended strictly for transfer students, we work to ensure our transfer students are successful and satisfied with their time at UTSA.

Center for Military Affiliated Students

We pride ourselves on our service to Military Affiliated Students, whether they be dependents of military members, veterans, or active duty, our Center for Military Affiliated Students (or CMAS) makes sure our students have all the help they need while at UTSA.