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Shirlyn Davenport ‘21

Music Education
San Antonio, TX

Shirlyn was avidly passionate about choir all throughout grade school. When she was a high school senior, the UTSA choir came and played at her school. She absolutely fell in love with the performance. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to study music at UTSA. Shirlyn transferred to UTSA as a junior in fall 2018 after she earned her associate’s in teaching.

What was it like transferring to UTSA?

The transfer process was easier than I anticipated. I was an Alamo Runner, which is a partnership program between UTSA and The Alamo Colleges. In this program, I was able to take a class at UTSA during my last semester at The Alamo Colleges. This allowed me to get acclimated to the university before I even transferred.

UTSA also offers the Transfer Credit Calculator, which helped me make sure that the courses I was taking at The Alamo Colleges would transfer to UTSA. The calculator showed me exactly which courses counted as credit. I was worried it would be difficult to use but it was a breeze.

Callout Blurb:Interested in transferring to UTSA? The Transfer Credit Calculator is a helpful tool that can show you which courses could transfer to UTSA. Try it out at

Coming in as a transfer student, what is it that makes UTSA different?

The UTSA community is very unique. I love that all the communities of San Antonio are represented here and that the staff and faculty really care about their students. You don’t feel like you’re on a big college campus. I’ve taken classes with 200 students and I still know my professor and they know me too. UTSA strives for that community feeling and wants students to feel like they belong and are wanted here.

What advice would you share to new students considering UTSA?

Come and see the campus and decide on what your college goals will be. Take a tour and talk to students in your prospective major. Figure out what you want to get out of coming here. Yes, you want to graduate but you also want to do something else that makes you say, “Hey, I did this and I’m proud of it.” What do you want to be proud of? Whatever it is, you’ll find it here at UTSA.