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Roadrunners learn best through hands-on, experiential learning, which is one of the most successful ways students can prepare for future occupations.

Experiential learning provides Roadrunners with the opportunity to develop marketable skills that will complement their classroom knowledge. Take a look at some of these student examples to see how Roadrunners are getting the experiential learning they need to be successful in their careers.

Carmen Campalans


Carmen Campalans is a psychology major who works at the San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic. She believes her experience at the clinic has taken her one step closer to landing her dream job as a physician assistant, “My work at the refugee clinic has reinforced how health extends beyond a prescription and the physical treatment of ailments and has brought me closer to my goal of becoming a physician assistant.”

Jay’Len Boone

Global Affairs and Sociology

Jay’Len Boone is a double major in both global affairs and sociology. His participation in Global Citizen, a movement to combat extreme poverty, has given him valuable tools and connections through experiential learning. “This project with Global Citizen has helped me retain skills that are valuable in any field. It has also provided me with a network of amazing global citizens and global advocates, thus, preparing me for a career in global affairs.”

Montana Meeker


Montana Meeker is majoring in finance and has gained hands-on learning at the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department. Montana’s understanding of communal contribution systems has been greatly enhanced by her hands-on experience with the Solid Waste Management Department.“ The project gave me a more holistic understanding of the systems at work in my city and taught me practical skills in the workplace. My experiences were a chance to use my passion for innovation and creative problem-solving to give back to my community.”

As a Roadrunner, you future is bright and your opportunities are endless. Whether it’s through research, study abroad, internships or community engagement, UTSA has hundreds of multidisciplinary experiential learning experiences that can be found outside of the classroom and in any area of study. If you haven’t already, apply today and begin writing your own impact story as a Future Roadrunner.

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