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TSI Assessment

We are committed to continue to assist you with your TSI questions. If you have not already taken the TSI, or are not TSI compliant and need to take the test, remote and online testing is not available, we are expecting to share updates of when this will be available later in the spring. If you have already taken the TSI at another institution, please fill out the authorization form so that we can retrieve your TSI scores. We will continue to update with information as it becomes available.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state mandate required for all incoming students to be assessed in the areas of math, reading and writing. Unless you’re exempt, you’ll need to take it and report your score to UTSA before Orientation.

How do I complete my TSI requirement?

You can either:

Why is TSI important?

Your TSI status will determine what level of courses you can register for. If you are exempt or have successfully passed all three sections of the TSI Assessment, you will be able to register for all entry-level college courses. However, if you failed to meet the minimum passing scores, you will be placed in remedial or developmental coursework, which is designed to prepare you for college-level courses in the areas that you fell below the TSI minimum requirements.


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