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Students running in Rowdy Rush event
(Photo by Jeff Huehn)
It all starts with a few steps—or a running start!

Taking the first few steps towards your bold future is a fun, exciting—and thrilling—journey. If you feel like you’re not ready, that is totally normal and we’re here for support! We’ve built a practical list that is designed to guide you on your way and show you who you can turn to for help.

1) First and foremost, remember the date January 15, the financial aid and admission priority deadline!
It pays to be the early bird!

Applying to UTSA, financial aid and scholarships before the priority deadline on January 15 will result in the following benefits:

• Maximize your FAFSA/TASFA awards
• Maximize the Scholarship Hub’s General Application awards
• Be considered for the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship. New students are automatically considered for this scholarship when they apply before the Freshman deadline of January 15.
• Be considered for our Bold Promise program.

Rowdy Juggles

Submit your FAFSA or TASFA

Completing your FAFSA by January 15 ensures that you’ll maximize your awarded funding. Plus, the sooner you’re admitted into UTSA, the more time you’ll have to prepare for college. Complete them as soon as you can for more rewards and less stress. It’s a win-win!

FAFSA: You can start the financial aid application as early as October 1. You don’t have to be admitted to complete and submit your FAFSA. U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens should complete the FAFSA. UTSA’s FAFSA code is 010115. You can apply on or through the MyStudentAid App. To download, search for “myStudentAid” on your app store.

After you complete the FAFSA, you’ll receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) which lists your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). This will give you an estimate of what you can expect in financial aid.

TASFA: If you are a non-citizen, Texas resident, (including Dreamers and certain international students), you’ll need to submit the TASFA to UTSA to be considered for Financial Aid. Learn more at

Bold Promise: Tuition Covered 100%

Bold Promise is UTSA’s commitment to offer high-quality, affordable education to incoming freshmen who come from middle-and low-income Texas families. Students who qualify can have their tuition and fees covered 100% for eight fall/spring semesters as long as they maintain eligibility. Learn more at

To qualify, students must:
• Be a Texas resident
• Have a family income below $50,500
• Submit a FAFSA/TASFA to UTSA by January 15
• Be admitted as a fall freshman by January 15
• Rank in the top 25% of high school class
• Enroll full-time each semester

Ugo AririelenjokuUgo Aririelenjoku ’24

Ugo is a recipient of Bold Promise, and it’s given her the unique opportunity to put all her time and effort towards school without the worry of paying tuition and working multiple jobs.

“To me, Bold Promise means that my dad will no longer have sleepless nights where he’s worrying about how he will pay for my tuition,” said Ugo. “It means that I only have to worry about my academics, and I can put more of my time towards school.”

See the full issue below for all 15 steps!