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Fernanda Flores ’23

Environmental Science | San Antonio, TX

Fernanda Flores is a Roadrunner passionate about her studies. As an Environmental Science major, she was able to participate in the first ever UTSA-led study abroad program for the College of Science in Urbino, Italy. She gained so much from the experience that she hopes to attend graduate school abroad. Read on to learn more about Fernanda.


What do you enjoy about your major at UTSA?

I think what I enjoy about my major the most is the fact that I’m still involved in science without it being a focus on the medical field. Environmental science allows me to focus on all the science that I’m very passionate about, but it’s more tilted towards ecology, towards wildlife, watersheds, and it’s everything I really enjoy.

What did you gain from studying abroad?

Studying abroad gave me a lot of different things. I did not realize this until I went abroad, but Italian lifestyle is slower paced. You have a time to sit down and reflect and see what you’re doing. Since I came back, I’ve really been trying to apply a calmer lifestyle. I still get my things done, but I’m not always rushed. I try to give myself time to rest. I also made a lot of friends. It was only twelve people from the College of Science, and by the end of the trip, they ended up becoming my family.

Why should students study abroad at UTSA?

Studying abroad, learning a new language in a different country with your peers, you develop incredible experiences. You develop incredible stories. It is extremely fun, and you also get to learn your classes from a different point of view. If you would like to study abroad, and it’s through a UTSA program, you can get financial aid to help cover the costs. There are a lot of scholarships out there.