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Jeremiah Presley ’24

Houston, TX
Business Management

Higher education is a great opportunity, but it’s not one that everyone can afford out of pocket. That’s why UTSA made the Bold Promise to cover full tuition and mandatory fees for students like Jeremiah Presley. Jeremiah comes from a household that has struggled to bring in a steady income for the past few years, which had him concerned for the costs that come with attending college. “If it wasn’t for Bold Promise, I wouldn’t be able to go to college,” he says.

Bold Promise was only an added bonus to the allure of UTSA for Jeremiah. Though he started out as a CAP student bound for UT Austin, it took no time at all for him to fall in love with UTSA and its campus. The unique atmosphere of the main campus was one reason Jeremiah decided to stay. He also states that the diverse body of students and staff are another part of what made the school stand out to him.

After graduation, Jeremiah would like to start his own business. He plans to open venue halls across San Antonio. He’s drawn to this business because he loves the idea of meeting new people and networking. UTSA helped him get an early start. He’s part of the fraternity Kappa Sigma, which he saw as a good way to make the friends and business connections he wanted. It paid off from the beginning. Since joining, he’s met many fraternity brothers and alumni, making more connections and finding more opportunities through UTSA than he’d hoped for.

Jeremiah wants future students to know that UTSA is worth looking into. Speaking to his own experience, he found unique value in the relationships and experiences he’s had as a Roadrunner, and thinks all students can benefit from those opportunities.

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