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Imagine finding the perfect college for you. The university’s size, the community, the academic rigor, it’s all exactly what you’re looking for. You apply for admission, and get in! Now just before you start worrying about paying for this college, you get an email. Your tuition is being fully covered! That’s what it was like for roommates Gabriela(Gaby) Guerrero, Erika Medina, and Analuisa Arvizo as Bold Promise students at UTSA.

Gaby, Erika, and Analuisa each had their own reasons for applying to UTSA. Analuisa discovered UTSA at a college fair, motivating her to apply. Erika fell in love with San Antonio, and thought UTSA was the best college for her in the city. Gaby had a cousin who attended UTSA, and found exactly what she wanted in the Interior Design and Architecture program.

Now that they’ve made it to UTSA, the Bold Promise program empowers them to put more time and energy into their studies. Students who may have otherwise not been able to attend UTSA, or may have needed to work on top of their studies to afford school, are free to focus on simply being a student.

Along with Bold Promise, other financial aid opportunities allow Gaby, Erika, and Analuisa to live on-campus at UTSA. They live in Chisholm Hall in one of the newly renovated triple rooms. With their financial aid and campus living, they’re getting the ultimate UTSA experience.

Through Gaby, Erika, and Analuisa’s experience, it’s easy to see how getting an affordable education at UTSA makes it easy to succeed.

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