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Marcus ThomasMarcus Thomas ’18

Greenville, TX

Student Spotlight

I came to UTSA from a tiny city in North Texas with a graduating high school class of 27. At first, I felt intimidated by both the size and the distance from my hometown. I was in search of not only an education, but also a new place I could call home. It was scary, but Orientation helped calm my nerves. All my questions were answered and it provided the insight I needed to navigate campus

My time at UTSA has been a transformative experience. I’ve had the opportunity to
join many organizations, be challenged academically, and meet awesome people who care about my success. In the second semester of my freshman year, I joined the Student Government Association (SGA). This gave me lifelong friends, a home on campus, the structure I was missing from my first semester and, most importantly, an opportunity for growth.

Now, as SGA President, I don’t want to be viewed as just a public figure who’s in a suit
all day, but as someone who students know they can turn to for concerns big and small. I will forever be indebted to the students who provided me with this amazing opportunity to serve as SGA President. They helped me realize that anyone, regardless of their background, can achieve anything with the right amount of grit, work ethic and support network—like the one I have now at UTSA.

If there is any advice I would give to future Roadrunners, it’s that you should get involved in an organization as soon as you come to campus. It will open the door to so many amazing possibilities that you would have never realized you were missing out on.

I hope to see you on campus in the fall and I look forward to the opportunity of serving as your SGA President! Go Runners!

Marcus Thomas