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Pablo MendizabalPablo Mendizabal ’20

Corpus Christi, TX

This summer, the College of Business International Programs (COBi) selected Pablo to participate in the European Innovation Academy (EIA) for a global enrichment opportunity alongside undergraduates from around the world. This program gave him the chance to learn about international business, engage in a new culture and be exposed to worldwide opportunities.

Tell me about your College of Business immersion experience.

The EIA is an exclusive program. We had to sharpen our entrepreneurial skills, think innovatively, work as a team and create a business that would address an unsolved problem in today’s world. We created a platform for tourists and guests to meet, learn how to surf and get a local’s experience on finding the best surfing spots in Portugal. It was very difficult at first, but after a while, I grew accustomed to working with my international teammates. We all got really close and learned a lot from each other.

Why did you want to study abroad?

I’ve always enjoyed traveling and learning about other cultures. However, this was different from traveling because I wasn’t relaxing. It was a very different type of learning experience.

What was your favorite thing about this program?

I learned how to market myself and my ideas effectively and was able to apply my business knowledge and social skills to real-world scenarios. In order to succeed, I had to market myself well enough to stand out from the crowd. It was tough in the beginning, but with practice I saw a difference.

What is one moment that resonated with you?

When my mentor said, “I think you should actually open your business and find out who your customer is and if it’s wanted in the community.” We were the only group that actually started our business and were profitable. People liked what we did and it was exciting to see that it actually worked.

What advice would you recommend to Future Roadrunners?

Develop a global mindset. It’s a very diverse world and going abroad opens doors for you to realize new things. I think it changes you as a professional and opens you up to far more connections and opportunities around the world.