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Sophia Bard ’23
San Antonio, TX

UTSA is an Adobe Creative Campus, a distinction that shows UTSA’s commitment to offering digital tools to students to nurture creative skills and enhance education. Sophia Bard is making the most of this free resource to students for her own professional development. Read on to get her story!

What skills have you been able to develop through Adobe Creative Suite?

By using Adobe Creative Suite, I’ve been able to develop my graphic design skills like form, line, texture and color. Besides that, it’s also helped me develop professionalism in my creativity

What projects have you been able to do at UTSA through Adobe Creative Suite?

My experience with Adobe Creative has helped me perform my job with UTSA’s Enrollment Marketing department as a Student Activity Assistant. My workload usually includes editing promotional photography and video using tools provided by Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro. These tools help me to improve the quality of and add value to the products I work with. They’ve helped me reach a new level of professionalism, make connections and overall enhance my marketability in my chosen industry. 

What activities or organizations have you been involved with at UTSA?

The primary organization I’m a part of at UTSA is the Public Relations Student Society of America. Basically, within this organization you get to meet people within the Public Relations field. Through this organization we actually take tours of PR agencies, we meet with professionals in that field. We’re able to make connections in the industry that’ll help us later when we graduate.

What advice would you give to new students considering UTSA?

For anyone considering applying to UTSA, I would say absolutely go for it. There are so many opportunities here, and there’s so many friends just waiting for you to get here.

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