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Victor Feagins ’22
San Antonio, TX
Statistics and Data Science

Victor Feagins is a senior at UTSA, graduating Spring 2022 with a degree in Statistics and Data Science. During Victor’s time at UTSA, he has eagerly prepared for the professional world. Victor is an Honors College member and a First-Year Experience peer mentor. He has also participated in undergraduate research as an Alvarez Fellow.

What made you choose UTSA?

I chose UTSA because I’m from San Antonio, and like to stay close to my family. One of the benefits is I live right next to a VIA bus stop, and have been able to commute to campus using the U-Pass System, which is a semester pass for students allowing free unlimited usage of the VIA bus system throughout the academic year.

What did you learn from your time as a first-year experience mentor?

As a peer mentor, I worked with a lot of different students, and I really grew to appreciate the diversity at UTSA and learn about the different goals and paths that students are able to take here.

What is the Alvarez Undergraduate Research Fellowship?

It basically is a three-year funded research program which involves taking classes to prepare for a PhD, working as a research assistant with a faculty mentor, and conducting your very own research project. Right now, as an Alvarez Fellow, I’m researching Charter Schools, and their impact on traditional public schools.

What advice would you give to new students considering UTSA?

I would say to get involved and don’t be afraid just because something doesn’t have to do with your current major. I changed my major at the end of my sophomore year. It’s really important to find your passion and explore new things.


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