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Get to Know Alina

Alina Philip is a thriving biology student at UTSA who’s working towards her bold future of becoming a doctor. From research and student organizations to working on campus, Alina has gotten involved at UTSA to gain the skills and experiences she needs to make her goal a reality. Read on to learn more about this amazing Roadrunner!

In the Spotlight

What drew you to Biology/Pre-Med for your major?

“I’ve always had a love for science, and I think that biology is one of the most versatile areas within science. Throughout the last few years, we’ve seen with the rise of COVID-19 and vaccines just how important it is to our daily life and on a global scale as well. As for my choice of pre-med, I love how medicine is able to incorporate science into its application through a clinical setting.”


What do you hope to accomplish after graduation?

“After graduating from UTSA, I want to attend medical school, preferably somewhere in Texas because we have so many amazing programs here. Afterwards, as a doctor, I have to complete my residency in whichever area of medicine I want to specialize in, and for that I’m thinking about cardiology.”

What opportunities at UTSA have helped you prepare for your future career?

“UTSA has given me so many opportunities, such as being able to volunteer in a research lab focused in neuroscience. I was also an employee at Freebirds as well as an orientation leader over the summer with the Orientation and Family Programs Office. Now, I work as a Peer Mentor with the First Year Experience program. I’m also involved in student organizations such as the American Medical Student Association.”


What skills have you gained from those opportunities?

“With my role as an orientation leader and peer mentor, I’ve been able to step into a leadership position, so it’s helped me develop skills such as teamwork, communication, public speaking, and presentation skills. With my involvement in research, I’ve been able to see the flip side of applying science in a route that’s something different than medicine. I can see improvements in my techniques with micro pipetting, cryostat sectioning, and a lot more in my chemistry classes, my genetics labs, and research outside of school.”

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