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Linda Nwahiri is a Business Honors student with big plans for her future, and she’s taking every opportunity to make it happen. She had her eye on UTSA mostly because of the glowing reputation of the Alvarez College of Business. Her major allows her to dive in to her passion for technology and focus on the details of things like building websites.

In the Spotlight

A Najim Strategist

Linda is taking steps towards professional development through things like the Najim Strategist Program, an opportunity for Roadrunners to collaborate with their peers to solve challenging, real-world business problems. She really appreciated working with Area Real Estate to renovate their website, as it combined her passion for technology and real estate and gave her the chance to network. “It was nice to network and communicate about what we want to do. If I hadn’t done [the Najim Project], I would never have met those people.”


Defining A Bold Future

After she graduates, Linda hopes to secure a full-time position with a successful tech company like Google or Microsoft. “I would love to have a full-time role in IT consulting.” With the experience Linda already has before graduation, she’s well on her way to making her goals a reality.

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