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Get to Know Maren

Track star Maren Wilms completed her undergraduate education at UTSA with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in marketing. She then chose to become a graduate Roadrunner and earn her master’s in economics.

In the Spotlight

Pursuing Graduate Studies

As an undergraduate student, Maren built a strong foundation in psychology and marketing with a 4.0 GPA. To excel in professional growth, she then pursued graduate studies and earned a master’s degree in economics. While in her program, Maren actively participated in coursework and networked with faculty. “Engage deeply with your coursework and reach out to your professors. These relationships and the knowledge gained are invaluable,” she said.

Winning as a Student-Athlete

Originally from Melsbach, Germany, Maren began her UTSA journey in 2019 on a track scholarship. As a dedicated member and captain of the UTSA track team, Maren found her second family among her teammates. Her commitment reached a proud pinnacle in the summer of 2022 when she secured second place in the heptathlon at a conference meet. “Those moments on the track, pushing your limits, they teach you resilience. They mirror the challenges you face academically,” Maren said.

UTSA BA Psychology and MA Economics graduate and track star Maren Wilms

UTSA BA Psychology and MA Economics graduate and track star Maren Wilms

Embracing a Bright Future

As her time at UTSA draws to a close, Maren eagerly anticipates returning to Germany, armed with a robust education and a global perspective. Her goal is to enter the field of marketing research or customer insights, leveraging her comprehensive skills to impact international markets.

Saying Thank You

Reflecting on her collegiate years, Maren expresses heartfelt gratitude to the professors and coaches who shaped her UTSA experience. “I’d like to say a big thank you to the professors I had during my time at UTSA and my coaches. They were part of the reasons that made my time at UTSA so memorable…The sense of community here, the support from professors and peers—it’s something I’ll carry with me forever.”

UTSA BA Psychology and MA Economics graduate and track star Maren Wilms
"UTSA has been more than just a university; it's been a home."
Maren Wilms '24

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