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Get to Know Matthew

Matthew Herrada is a computer science major on the cyber operations track, with plans to attend UTSA’s Graduate School for computer science. He’s currently interning with the MITRE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that aims to address challenges of modern society, including cyber security threats. Check out what Mathew has to say about the computer science program, internships and getting involved at UTSA!

In the Spotlight

What made you want to major in Computer Science?

“I had been introduced to computer science by a friend. He showed me cool cyber tricks, like how to install an operating system or how to take someone off the Internet. I was really fascinated by it.”

What’s your favorite thing about the program?

“Definitely Dr. White’s cyber operations class, where we get to assess an organization. We find vulnerabilities in a company’s network infrastructure and test them out, as if we were hackers. We report our findings in a professional manner, so it’s great practice for future engagements.”

Have you been a part of any other experiential learning opportunities at UTSA?

“Yes. I have been a part of the Center for Security and Privacy Enhanced Cloud Computing and the Cloud Security Research Organization. I also hold a leadership position in the Computer Security Association, and I’m also in the Honors College.”

How did you find the MITRE internship?

“After applying online for several cyber security positions, I was particularly fascinated by MITRE’s internship position. They had several partnerships with UTSA in the past, so I was familiar with the company.”

What advice would you give to any future students either thinking about or planning on pursuing computer science at UTSA?

“Don’t give up, keep your head up high, and look towards the future.”

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