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Roadrunner Gaming in Roost

Get to Know Roadrunner Gaming

Besides UTSA’s MDST in Game Design degree, there’s another fun way for gamers to connect on campus. Roadrunner Gaming is a student group where over 300 students who love gaming come together. They have events, competitions and make lifelong friends at UTSA.

In the Spotlight

Leveling Up Your Community

Jacques Ballou, the Vice President of Roadrunner Gaming, describes our campus gaming culture. It’s like a secret guild where students from all walks of life come together. The esports realm? It’s an epic quest where everyone’s welcome, forging friendships over a shared love for video games.

Boosting Your XP in Academia

Joining the ranks isn’t just about loot drops; it’s about finding your people. Jacques puts it this way: “Being part of RRG motivates me to be more engaged on campus and attend my classes regularly.” Plus, spotting familiar faces in lecture halls? It’s like a critical hit—makes showing up so much easier!

UTSA Roadrunner Gaming student organization club of students

UTSA Roadrunner Gaming student organization

Roadrunner Gaming Edition

At Roadrunner Gaming, we’re all about crafting our esports culture on campus. Picture this: community nights where we connect virtually or in person, battling it out in games like Jackbox or custom lobbies for fan-favorite titles—Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends.

Finding a Second Family

As Jacques puts it, “joining a team is like becoming part of a second family.” They clock in hours practicing, scrimmaging against rival colleges, and competing in thrilling tournaments. Teams don’t stay in the digital realm, though. They feast together, embark on epic outings, and build bonds that last a lifetime.

UTSA student Jacques Ballou from Roadrunner Gaming
"The gaming community at UTSA is tight-knit, diverse, and truly unique."
Jacques Ballou, Vice President of Roadrunner Gaming

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