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Anthony TorresAnthony Torres ’19

Laredo, TX

Meet Anthony Torres. The UTSA honors student is drawing inspiration from San Antonio as he studies to become an architect.

Torres grew up in Laredo, but he fell in love with San Antonio when he visited the Alamo City as a child. His desire to study architecture led him to UTSA, which attracted him because the architecture program is housed at the Downtown Campus.

“It helps to be downtown where I have exposure to the city’s diverse buildings,” Torres said. “We’re always surrounded by incredible architecture. It’s a mixture of art and how people relate to it, like the buildings are a part of you.”

When Torres started taking architecture courses at UTSA, he and his classmates focused on learning the history and function of the field. More recently, his classes have shifted to hands-on projects in a collaborative environment.

“I learn a lot from my peers. We have different styles and tastes,” Torres said. “Every project we work on helps me learn more about myself – how I think and feel and what I might want to build one day.”

Torres has also been inspired by his professors.

“The professors at UTSA enjoy what they do and they care about their students,” Torres said. “I am able to grow knowing they’re invested in me.”

One of his favorite classes, Drawing and Modeling Studio, was taught by Mark Blizard, who specializes in the interrelationship between culture, memory and the practice of architecture.

“Professor Blizard encouraged me to think differently about architecture,” Torres said. “He taught me new styles and ways to develop new concepts. It made me even more excited to learn about architecture.”

To enhance his UTSA experience, Torres joined the UTSA Honors College in 2015. He says the college’s smaller class sizes have made it easier to get to know his professors. He also likes taking on the challenges of the honors courses.

This fall, Torres will kick off his junior year by participating in a study abroad trip in Urbino, Italy. He and other UTSA architecture students will travel around the area, learning about Italian architecture.

“I never thought I’d be able to travel to Europe and learn in a country that has such unique architecture. I am grateful UTSA afforded me this opportunity,” Torres said.

When he returns to San Antonio, he plans to intern at an architecture firm before he graduates in 2019. He wants to apply what he’s learned in the classroom at UTSA to actual projects with a firm.

“My experiences at UTSA have been more than I could ever imagine. The other students want to learn just as much as I do,” he says. “And you’re able to learn from your mistakes; there is no way to fail. I’m not just getting a degree. I’ll be able to say I have all this knowledge I’ve learned from UTSA.”

Story by Courtney Clevenger on UTSA Today