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Carolina CruzTaking her first step on the career ladder, Carolina Cruz graduates this month with a bachelor of business administration degree in economics from the UTSA College of Business. Following an internship this summer with Eli Lilly, she received a full-time offer as a sales representative where she will visit and consult with doctors about medications available for their patients.

Cruz, originally from El Salvador, dived into the world of business during her time at UTSA, majoring in economics and minoring in marketing. She completed two research internships with the McNair Scholars program, traveled to Hong Kong as part of the college’s international immersion program and worked as an associate banker at JPMorgan Chase.

The numerical and analytical world of economics and marketing has
always appealed to Cruz.

“Economics is the study of how people, firms and governments use their resources to meet human needs,” said Cruz, who is a summa cum laude graduate with highest honors. “I love how history is a huge part of economics. With marketing, I am exposed to a vibrant and creative world that has taught me about advertising, sales and social media.”

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