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Chandler OwenChandler Owen ’19

Real Estate Finance & Development
San Antonio, TX

Meet Chandler Owen, a class of 2019 Real Estate Finance & Development major from San Antonio.

During her first year in college, Chandler wanted to get away from home and went to a university in Boulder, Colorado. However, she felt really out of place there, and it wasn’t long before she yearned to come back home and was admitted to UTSA as a transfer student.

When she returned to San Antonio, she found work at a local real estate firm. While there, one of her coworkers told her about UTSA’s Real Estate Finance and Development program, which piqued her interest. After checking it out, she saw that the program had a lot to offer and it was something she wanted to be a part of.

Between UTSA’s diversity, culture, beautiful campus and Roadrunner Spirit, Chandler found a lot to like about her hometown’s largest university:

“UTSA exudes beauty, diversity and convenience,” said Chandler. “It has cute little nooks and hidden gems. The faculty, staff and student organizations are nice and open, and are constantly looking to get their students involved.”

It didn’t take long for Chandler to discover a strong sense of belonging. She quickly joined Zeta Tau Alpha, a social sorority on campus. One of the ways her sorority sisters build camaraderie is by registering to compete in several of UTSA’s Intramural Sports, which Chandler admits, she can be a little too competitive in—especially when it comes to volleyball.

Check out Chandler’s video below to learn more about her transition back to San Antonio and how she fell in love with being a Roadrunner.