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Esmeralda AcostaEsmeralda Acosta ’21

Music Education
Center, TX

Esmeralda has been playing the flute for 10 years and has been a member of the UTSA Flute Ensemble for two semesters. She was drawn to UTSA because a family member had attended and she loved San Antonio. She also liked the beautiful campus and felt that the size was just right. When Esmeralda transferred to UTSA in Fall 2019, she knew she had found the right place.

What makes UTSA stand out from other universities?

The campus atmosphere is very warm and inviting. The amazing faculty and students have really made me feel at home, and I can’t imagine attending college anywhere else.

How have you maintained a high-quality online learning education during COVID-19?

Online learning places more responsibility on self-motivation. Seeing peers and instructors is often what gives students energy, so at first, there was a challenge in keeping my energy level the same. Focusing on why my education matters and keeping in contact with peers and friends to practice or do homework over Zoom calls made a world of difference. I also tried keeping the same mindset and schedule at home that I usually have at school. Instructors contributed a great deal, too. I felt supported by all of my professors in the transition to online courses. I found it easy to overcome feelings of uncertainty, because of the positive environment I was submerged in. I felt like I found my place as a student.

What advice do you have for someone interested in playing music?

If you have the opportunity, then go for it! Even if your major isn’t music, being part of an ensemble is such a rewarding experience that introduces you to great people.

What’s one piece of advice you’ve received from a mentor at UTSA?

Take the time to take college in. As a musician, I know everything I do is a part of a journey. All the time spent practicing and working towards my education is building a foundation.

What does it mean to be a Roadrunner?

Being a Roadrunner means the world to me. It’s the last stepping stone before I become an educator, and
I plan on cherishing every moment!