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Gabby Palacios Martinez ’22

Interdisciplinary Studies – Early Education
Pleasanton, TX
Gabby Palacios Martinez '22

Gabby Palacios Martinez is a dedicated Interdisciplinary Studies student who’s found her bold future in teaching.

There were many factors that drew Gabby to UTSA. One thing that stood out was the Roadrunner family. “I truly feel that UTSA has a very welcoming community.” Other things that drew Gabby to UTSA were its location, as well as the financial aid opportunities she received.

As a Bold Promise student, her full tuition and mandatory fees are covered by UTSA. As a Terry Scholar within the Honors College, Gabby has also received full coverage of eight semesters worth of tuition and fees, books, housing, and a meal plan, as well as the chance to qualify for funding for a study abroad experience. It’s with these opportunities that she’s able to go to college at all. “It just wasn’t something that my family prepared for. Being a part of the Bold Promise program has given me the opportunity to pursue my higher education” Thanks to UTSA’s financial aid opportunities, Gabby is now a proud first-generation Roadrunner.

The diverse, inclusive community at UTSA has given Gabby a deep appreciation of not only her financial aid, but her major as well. As an Interdisciplinary Studies major focusing on Early Education, she feels that it’s important to understand backgrounds different from your own, because, as she says, “No two students are going to be the same, and no two educators are going to be the same.” This has been especially true at UTSA, as Gabby has learned. “The diversity here is truly amazing and it’s hands-down my favorite thing about UTSA.”

Gabby encourages students applying to UTSA to reach out when they have questions. “I know that’s something I was scared to do, but there are always people that are willing to help.”

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