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Jeé Willis

Jée Willis ’19

Geography & Environmental Sustainability
Houston, TX

When Jée first came to UTSA for Orientation, she couldn’t hold back her excitement. Not only was she grateful to be accepted as a Roadrunner, but she also received the financial aid she needed. From the moment she stepped on campus, she knew she was home. 

At first, Jée wasn’t sure what she wanted to study. After changing her degree a few times, she decided to take the advice of her academic advisor and major in geography and environmental sustainability. After she graduates, Jée plans to continue her education into law school and practice environmental law. 

“My high school environmental science class took my interest in the environment and transformed it into a passion,” said Jée. “With that interest in mind, I began researching different career fields and decided that I wanted to work in law and public policy. I think it’s the best way for me to influence policy and raise awareness on environmentalism.” 

Jée loves the UTSA faculty in her program and believes that they truly want to help their students. Her favorite professor, Dr. Bagheri, likes to support students outside of the classroom by recommending internships and scholarships. Another perk to her program is that there aren’t a lot of students in her major, so it’s easy to establish and build friendships with peers. 

Jée holds several leadership positions with student organizations at UTSA. She’s the president of Women of Honor, a Student Government Association senator for the College of Liberal and Fine Arts and a lead for the Involvement Ambassadors. As an Involvement AmbassadorJée works to promote inclusion through events, and to help students feel connected. Jée’s advice to Future Roadrunners is to get involved on campus. She believes it all begins by starting a conversation.  

“Surround yourself with people who will support you and help you succeed. Always try to meet new people, converse with them and ask questions, because you never know who you will run into that might be your next future employer, reference or friend. Lastly, take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you. It can open so many new doors.”