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Kaley McCorquodale ’18

Interior Design
Seabrook, TX

Ever since she was a child, interior design was something Kaley wanted to do. She grew up with HGTV always on. She never thought she would do anything else; design was always her thing.

Kaley chose UTSA because the other universities she was loKaley McCorquodaleoking at didn’t offer an interior design major that was part of their college of architecture and it was important for her to earn an interior design degree that was architecturally grounded.

Kaley’s favorite part about studying interior design at UTSA is that the community is very close-knit. Most of her design courses only have around 20 students, allowing her to grow close to her classmates and professors. Everybody knows everybody by name, and the professors are very supportive when it comes to connecting students with the local community.

“My professors have really strong connections and have helped me learn about different firms and designers from all aspects of the design community,” said Kaley. “It’s really hands-on and they make sure you get involved. It’s been my favorite part by far.”

Kaley also loved her study abroad program (mandatory for College of Architecture, Construction and Planning majors) where she went to Urbino, Italy to study for an entire semester. Every weekend she went to a different city in Italy, including three major trips to Venice, Rome and Tuscany. For someone like Kaley who had never been to Europe before, this was the highlight of her college experience because she got to explore and study historic European designs.

Within the discipline of interior design, there are many things students and professionals have to consider, including legalities that need to be addressed with ADA standards. From having flooring textures that are slip resistant, to the amount of heat generated per window, there’s an extensive amount of preparation that goes into a design.

“Anything that someone touches, you’re in charge of making sure that it’s safe and that it works and functions. It’s like a giant puzzle,” said Kaley. “It’s really fun for me to figure it out and see how it all comes together.”

Kaley is a member of IIDA, an International Interior Design Association, which has a UTSA chapter and San Antonio city center. They host events and panels with successful designers. For Kaley, it’s been a great opportunity to network and meet potential future employers.

Kaley’s current job captures the fun side of interior design. she works for Arrange Virtual Staging, a business that virtually stages homes through an online computer program. Recently, she designed a home in New York remotely from home. Analy Diego, one of Kaley’s professors at UTSA, taught the owners of this business so they knew that Roadrunners understand space planning and color schemes. Through her professor’s connections, Kaley was able to land an interview and get the job.

After she graduates in December of 2018, Kaley plans on looking for a full-time interior design job in San Antonio and then hopes to later move back to Houston where her family is.

Kaley’s advice to Future Roadrunners interested in design is that there’s more than meets the eye.

“It’s a lot of different things, but if you’re really passionate about design, then it’s going to be amazing. It’s a lot of time-consuming work and preparation. This is your home, this is your family…just get ready to be on campus all the time,” Kaley jokes. “But it’s great—it’s not a bad thing! I love being here.”