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Taylor BuchananTaylor Buchanan ’17

Raymondville, TX

Meet Taylor Buchanan. This UTSA Honors College senior has visited 21 countries – and he’s only 21 years old. He traveled to 15 of those countries in one semester while attending UTSA and is back on campus this fall with wonderful stories to share.

“The entire trip almost feels like a dream to me,” Buchanan recalled. “I go through the pictures and can’t believe I visited all of those amazing places.”

Buchanan learned about the unique study abroad program called Semester at Sea through the UTSA Study Abroad Office, and said a class he took at UTSA inspired him to travel.

During the unforgettable semester, he got to take a public health course and visit hospitals in Ghana. He also took an anthropology course during which he learned about traditional Indian cuisine from a famous chef in India.

When Buchanan wasn’t in class, he went on group excursions. He says riding a camel in the Sahara desert in Morocco was one of his most memorable experiences.

“I have learned about different kinds of people and different ways of life and am very grateful I was able to make this trip part of my top-tier UTSA experience,” said Buchanan.

UTSA music professor Mark Brill was also on this voyage with Buchanan, interacting with scholars and hundreds of students from around the world.

Buchanan’s academic excellence at UTSA helped make this study abroad experience possible. As a Terry Scholar, he was given funds to pay for the trip and he also received scholarships from the UTSA Study Abroad Office and the Semester at Sea program.

During his time at UTSA, Buchanan has been part of the UTSA Pre-Occupational Therapy Society, For the Kids Dance Marathon and on President Ricardo Romo’s Student Leadership Council.

Before graduating in May, Buchanan will complete a kinesiology internship and is planning his next great adventure.