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William BaldridgeWilliam Baldridge ’18

Finance & Entrepreneurship
San Antonio, TX

Meet William Baldridge, a class of 2018 finance major from San Antonio.

William is the CMO for the student team that placed first in the 2017 CITE competition. His company, Chiron Innovations, plans to save lives by offering ColdClot, an advanced bandage designed to treat large surface wounds in a pre-hospital environment.

“I enjoy the business program because it is very conceptual and provides a ton of information on how businesses are started and organized,” said William. “It’s ideal for anyone who wants to pursue starting their own business some day. I love the program and the professors are great.”

In February 2017, William was in a finance class when a team of biomedical engineers visited to give a pitch on their business idea. They were looking for business students to help with forming their company. William was intrigued and saw the potential for their product. After class, he was the only one who offered to join them and it turned out to be a phenomenal opportunity.

After graduating, William plans to get Chiron Innovations up and running and save lives by offering a product to those who need it in the military and in local emergency medical services. If everything works out, he also wants to get accepted into the executive M.B.A. program at UTSA.