Environmental Science and Ecology

Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious? Are you someone who goes out of their way to make sure the bottle lands in the blue bin, looks for greener methods to do things, or is interested in the plants and animals around us? If you are passionate about preserving the planet and would like to find better ways to do it, then you may be interested in studying environmental science.

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UTSA’s Environmental Science and Ecology Program

If you choose to earn an Environmental Science and Ecology degree from UTSA, your area of study will be conservation and restoration ecology, environmental management, natural resources and wildlife management or aquatic sciences. You will gain hands-on experience analyzing problems in the environment while you engage in field studies, excursions and laboratory work. Once you graduate and become an environmental scientist, you’ll work to clean up polluted areas, advise policymakers, work to help save endangered species of plants and animals, and help various industries work to reduce waste—all to help make the Earth a better place.

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