Areas of Study


As an earth science, the geological sciences embrace the study of the Earth, its composition, its history, and its constantly changing character. This includes the origin and evolution of our planet, its chemical and physical properties, the history of life, and humanity’s response to natural disasters.

UTSA’s Geology Program

At UTSA, you can earn either the B.A. or B.S. in Geology. The B.A. is for those looking to receive a quality preparatory education in the discipline and the B.S. is for those who intend to become professional geologists and plan to attend graduate school in geosciences. As both an applied and an academic discipline, a degree in Geology will prepare you for careers in petroleum, mining, water resources, environmental management, governmental agencies, engineering geology, geochemistry, geophysics and natural resources. 

Career Resources

UTSA’s University Career Center offers several resources to help students identify and develop the global skills necessary to successfully pursue and achieve lifelong career goals.

What can I do with a Geology major?

Marketable Skills