Campus Housing

Reasons to Live on Campus


There are plenty of perks to living on campus: friendships, simplicity, academic success and convenience, to name a few. Not to mention 24-hour laundry centers, furnished living spaces, flexible leases, common areas with neighborhood centers and 24-hour emergency maintenance.

What’s not to love about sleeping in and still having enough time to hit up Starbucks on the way to class?

UTSA offers several distinct housing options that are available in either a residence hall or apartment style. Each housing option comes with plenty of space for storage, studying, sleeping and socializing.

Housing Options

UTSA is proud to offer several unique housing opportunities for incoming students, including residential communities on both the Main and Downtown Campuses.

UTSA Housing and Residence Life

UTSA Housing and Residence Life offers housing for UTSA students on the Main Campus. Residents benefit from conveniences such as fully furnished living spaces, 24-hour laundry centers, common areas, neighborhood centers and simple billing with utilities included.

Housing and Residence Life additionally facilitates unique Special Interest Housing (SIH) programs to promote the academic and personal development of students with common interests. The following programs aim to provide a supportive environment for members to discuss shared issues.

  • Biology Freshman Interest Group (Bio FIG)
  • C-Suite Business Living Learning Community (The C-Suite)
  • Data Science Living Learning Community (Data Science LLC)
  • Engineering Freshman Interest Groups (Engineering FIGs)
  • Engineering Living Learning Community (Engineering LLC)
  • First-Gen Familia
  • Honors Residential Community (HRC)
  • La Comunidad, Spanish-Language Immersion Housing (La Comunidad)
  • Leadership and Service Community (Leadership & Service)
  • Well-Being Living & Learning Community (Well-Being LLC)

View the Housing and Residence Life residential options and floor plans below and submit an application:

Campus Living Villages

Campus Living Villages* (CLV) is a privately owned global student housing operator that owns and manages the University Oaks on-campus residential facility at UTSA.

Residents of University Oaks enjoy the choice of multiple room configurations ranging from double occupancy to apartment-style living, as well as amenities such as clubhouses and an activity center. Learn more and apply today:

*University Oaks is owned and operated by Campus Living Villages (CLV), a private third-party company that is a separate legal entity from UTSA. CLV is a lessee of UTSA pursuant to a certain ground lease. While located on the UTSA campus grounds, University Oaks operates under different contractual instruments and provides for different lease agreements than those of residential housing owned and operated by UTSA. As with any legal document, prospective residents are highly encouraged to carefully review and consider the specific obligations and terms of any lease agreement. Please note that UTSA assumes no liability or other responsibility of any kind with respect to any such CLV lease agreements. All lease obligations remain the responsibility of the tenant and not UTSA, regardless of whether an academic term is delayed, interrupted, and/or delivered totally or partially online.
Only one lease application can be submitted, either for UTSA Housing and Residence Life OR University Oaks Apartments. We recommend researching all options and choosing carefully, as interested.

Downtown Campus

The UTSA Downtown Campus is growing quickly, and includes future plans for a mixed-use facility with a variety of living, dining and retail options. Currently, there are various options available for students desiring an urban living experience in convenient proximity to the Downtown Campus. Learn more about Downtown Campus housing opportunities today: