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A day in the life of a campus ‘Runner.

Day In the Life of a Roadrunner - Morning

7:30am | Your alarm goes off.
No matter which residence hall you are in, wake up just a short walk from all your classes.

Day In the Life of a Roadrunner - Lunch

12:00pm | Time for lunch.
Whatever your craving, choose from Chili’s Too, Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, Starbucks, Steak ‘n Shake and more!

Day In the Life of a Roadrunner - Study

3:30pm | Time to study.
UTSA Dining offers a wide variety of dining options and meal plans to make eating on campus easy and delicious!

Day In the Life of a Roadrunner - Workout

7:30pm | Your evening workout.
UTSA’s Recreation and Wellness Center contains a variety of opportunities such as personal training, group exercises, aquatics, and more.


Campus Living

What’s not to love about sleeping in and still having enough time to hit up Starbucks on the way to class?

UTSA offers several distinct housing options that are available in either a residence hall or apartment style. Each housing option comes with plenty of space for storage, studying, sleeping and socializing.

There are also many benefits to living on campus including friendships, simplicity, academic success and convenience, to name a few. Other benefits include 24-hour laundry centers, furnished living spaces, flexible leases, common areas with neighborhood centers and 24-hour emergency maintenance.

Studying in Dormitory

Greater Academic Success

Both national and institutional studies show that students who live on campus achieve higher academic success. First-year students living on-campus experience up to .3 grade points higher on their GPAs and First-Gen students who live on-campus (rather than off-campus or at home) are more likely to stay in school, an 11% improved retention rate. Students reap the benefits of having 24/7 support from trained, live-in student and professional staff who share their academic goals. Students have access to Academic Peer Coaches who live in their communities and learning opportunities through programs delivered by our Residence Assistants (RA).

Residence Center

Timesaving Conveniences

Provided at no additional cost and aimed at helping students stay focused on academic success and personal growth, UTSA Housing residencies provide conveniences such as fully furnished living spaces, 24-hour laundry centers, common areas, neighborhood centers, and simple billing with utilities included.

UTSA Counseling Staff

Peace of Mind

The safety and health of our students are a priority. Our on-campus Health Clinic has doctors, certified physician assistants, registered and licensed nurses and accepts many major medical insurance plans. The on-campus UTSA Police Department is available 24/7 and offers many safety resources, and San Antonio Fire Station 34 is located directly adjacent to Main Campus on Babcock Road.

Engineering Group

Themed Residential Communities

Students who share a common interest and seek academic and personal development can opt for a Themed Residential Community (TRC). Check each housing community for TRC availability.

  • College of Science Freshman Interest Group (FIG)
  • Business Living Learning Community
  • Engineering Freshman Interest Groups (Engineering FIGs)
  • First-Gen Familia
  • La Comunidad, Spanish-Language Immersion Housing
  • Leadership and Service Community
  • and more…

Housing Options

UTSA Housing and Residence Life offers housing for UTSA students on the Main Campus. Residents benefit from conveniences such as fully furnished living spaces, 24-hour laundry centers, common areas, neighborhood centers and simple billing with utilities included.

Alvarez Hall

A UTSA Owned & Managed property, Alvarez Hall includes themed residential communities, private spaces, and places to gather and is a great residence option for first-year students.

Alvarez Hall
Chaparral Village

Chaparral Village is a UTSA Owned & Managed property that includes multiple housing options, a suite kitchenette, fully-furnished living rooms, and an outdoor pool.

Chaparral Village
Chisholm Hall

UTSA’s Chisholm Hall is on-campus living with single, double, and triple room options. Each unit is fully furnished and has a private bathroom. Chisholm Hall also has an indoor swimming pool.

Chisholm Hall
Laurel Village

Laurel Village is a UTSA Owned & Managed property with two- and four-bedroom housing options, a suite kitchenette, fully-furnished living rooms, and a community center.

Laurel Village
Guadalupe Hall

UTSA’s newest residential community is Guadalupe Hall, with nearly 200 double occupancy rooms. The hall was designed for student success and is the home of the Honors Residential College. It features study spaces, multipurpose rooms, and a Java City coffee shop.

Guadalupe Hall
University Oaks

University Oaks is an on-campus residence at UTSA that is managed and owned by Campus Living Villages* (CLV), a privately owned global student housing operator. Residents enjoy the choice of multiple room configurations ranging from double occupancy to apartment-style living, as well as amenities such as clubhouses and an activity center.

University Oaks
Blanco Hall

Blanco Hall

Coming 2025: Blanco Hall, a new living-learning community on UTSA Main Campus set to house up to 594 students featuring single and double rooms collocated around a shared bathroom pod; as well as, have access to study lounges, multipurpose rooms, laundry facilities and a community kitchen.

Blanco Hall

Honors Residential College

First-year freshmen in the UTSA Honors College will live and study with other Honors students in a supportive, close-knit community designed to help you succeed. Accepted honor freshmen must apply for housing in Guadalupe Hall as soon as they have decided to attend UTSA. All aspects of our Honors College, including double occupancy housing, is modeled after elite, small colleges and peer-model honors colleges.

Honors Residential College

UTSA Graduate walking the stage

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