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Announcement: 24-25 FAFSA opening date Delayed to December

Due to the upcoming simplification of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), The Department of Education (ED) has officially announced that the 2024-2025 FAFSA will not open until December 2023. No exact opening date has been released. The UTSA Financial Aid & Scholarships office will update this webpage when more information becomes available.

Our new financial aid priority deadline is March 15.

Knowing how much it will cost to attend college is important for making an informed decision. UTSA is dedicated to help you know the true cost of attending along with providing financial resources to assist you in achieving your educational goals.

Without a doubt, the best first step is to apply for financial aid, and apply early.

Freshman Financial Aid & Scholarship Deadlines*
Top Scholar and Terry Scholarship Deadline Fall: December 1 Spring: n/a
Distinguished Presidential Scholarship Deadline Fall: January 15 Spring: n/a
General Scholarship Priority Deadline Fall: January 15 Spring: n/a
Financial Aid Priority Deadline Fall: March 15 Spring: November 1
Bold Promise Deadline Fall: March 15 Spring: n/a

*Note: Students must be admitted by the applicable deadline in order to be considered for financial aid and scholarships.

Cost of Attendance

UTSA determines a cost of attendance (COA) each year, which includes not only your tuition and fees, but an estimated average of additional costs that cover most expenses students will incur while attending UTSA. UTSA bases your financial aid on the COA, although the actual cost of attending UTSA will vary depending on your living arrangements and personal spending habits.

Estimated 2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

The costs below reflect the status of a full-time undergraduate student enrolled for both the fall and spring semesters.

Home with Parents On-Campus Off-Campus
Tuition & Fees* $11,442 $11,442 $11,442
Housing & Meals $4,590 $14,248 $10,449
Books & Supplies $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Transportation $2,784 $740 $3,524
Miscellaneous $1,512 $2,124 $2,088
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $21,328 $29,554 $28,503
*Out-of-State / International Tuition:Out-of-State and International students pay all the same expenses except for tuition & fees. Out-of-State tuition & fees is $27,660.

Understanding Your Costs

Tuition & Fees: The average cost of tuition and fees for a typical undergraduate student based on full-time or part-time enrollment.  Full-time undergraduate = 30 hours per year; part-time undergraduate = 18 hours per year; full-time graduate = 18 hours per year; part-time graduate = 12 hours per year. More detailed information on UTSA’s tuition and fees can be found on the fiscal services webpage.

Housing & Meals: A reasonable estimate of what it would cost to live in San Antonio while attending school. Actual costs may vary by individual choices related to location and circumstances. Average costs are calculated based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents.

Books & Supplies: The average cost of books and supplies for a typical student for an entire academic year.

Transportation: Average transportation expenses for at home students and off-campus students are based on an average 30 mile round trip to campus.  Average transportation expenses for on campus students are based on a VIA bus pass and two trips home per year.

Miscellaneous: Average expenses are calculated based on potential expenses that you may incur based on whether you are living on campus, off campus or at home with your parents.

Financial Aid

UTSA offers a variety of financial aid that spans from grants, scholarships, work study, and loans. You must be admitted to UTSA and have a financial aid application on file in order to be offered financial aid. First-time students will be emailed and sent a paper award offer in the mail once awarded. To know what you qualify for in financial aid, you must submit a FAFSA to UTSA. Submit your FAFSA before the financial aid priority deadline to maximize your opportunity for grants. (Read: free money!)


For U.S. Citizens, we use the The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, as our financial aid application. We use the information you submit to determine your eligibility for grants, scholarships, loans and work-study options. You can begin filling out the FAFSA on October 1. UTSA’s FAFSA code is 010115.

Submit your FAFSA


If you are a non-citizen, you may be eligible to be classified as a Texas resident for tuition purposes. If so, you may also be eligible to receive state financial aid by submitting a Texas Application for State Financial Aid, or TASFA.

Submit your TASFA

After you Submit FAFSA/TASFA

Once you submit your FAFSA and TASAFA, UTSA will be able to download your file. Once loaded, there will be financial aid requirements you must complete each year. These are called “outstanding requirements” which can be found on your myUTSA Account Classic View under the Financial Aid tab (Note: You will be prompted to authenticate yourself through your DUO account when trying to access information after this point. Don’t have a DUO account? Click here to learn how to set it up.). Once in, select the Eligibility link and click on Student Requirements for the correct year. Pro-tip: Be sure to submit your paperwork as quickly as possible for processing. You should also check your email regularly as you will be notified if anything is outstanding.

Understanding Your Offer Accepting Your Aid Other Aid Options


If you opt out of applying for federal or state financial aid (although our recommendation is that you still should, it’s free!), you should still submit a general scholarship application. Several scholarships factor in academics, not just financial needs.

Distinguished Presidential Scholarship

Fall admitted freshmen will be given automatic consideration for the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship (DPS) based on academic merit. This scholarship is valued up to $20,000, while funding is available, for up to four years if renewal eligibility is maintained. The value is awarded on a competitive basis. Students who receive the DPS will also be offered an invitation to join UTSA Honors College, where students can also have the opportunity to earn additional scholarships.

Distinguished Presidential Scholarship

Scholar Programs

Terry Scholarship: Summer and Fall applicants who demonstrate leadership potential and financial need may be eligible for the Terry Scholarship. Freshmen must be admitted by Jan 1 to be considered. Once admitted to the university, the most competitive candidates will be invited to apply. For more information and eligibility criteria, visit Terry Scholars.

Terry Scholars

UTSA Top Scholar Program: The UTSA Top Scholar program is a 4-year enhanced experience and scholarship covering tuition, fees, housing and meals. First-time freshmen who are in the top 5%, have a 1440 SAT / 32 ACT and are a Texas resident are encouraged to apply at Top Scholars by Dec 1.

UTSA Top Scholar Program

UTSA ACE Scholar Program: The Access College and Excel (ACE) Scholar Program supports incoming freshman from one of 14 San Antonio high schools (Brackenridge, East Central, Edison, Fox Tech, Harlandale, Highlands, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lanier, McCollum, Memorial, Sam Houston, Southside, Southwest) to transition from high school to college as successful as possible. Students could receive up to $2,500 over the course of 2 years.

UTSA ACE Scholar Program

UTSA General Scholarship Application

UTSA offers many general scholarships through the UTSA Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, which vary in eligibility requirements and award amounts. These scholarships are funded by donors and endowments and can vary from year to year. As an incoming freshman, you must submit the Scholarship Hub’s General Application on the UTSA Scholarship Hub.

Scholarship Hub’s General Application

Other UTSA Scholarships

UTSA colleges and departments offer scholarships for students who have declared majors and degrees in their area. Please visit the UTSA Scholarship Hub to access the applications offered by the various UTSA colleges and departments.

Scholarship HUB

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are available to students from various donors outside of the University of Texas at San Antonio (such as scholarship organizations, foundations and businesses). The vast majority of these scholarships can be found by using online scholarship search engines.

Outside Scholarships

Bold Promise

UTSA Bold Promise is our commitment to offer high-quality, affordable education to incoming freshmen who come from middle – and low-income Texas families.

Incoming fall freshmen who qualify will have their tuition covered 100% for eight fall/spring semesters. The semesters must be taken consecutively within a 4-year time period (approx. $44,000 value across four years) and eligibility must be maintained. Tuition is covered by scholarships, grants and tuition exemptions from federal, state and institutional funds.

More Info on Bold Promise

Military Benefits

Military benefits help qualifying veterans and their family members get money to cover some or all of the costs for school. We encourage all military affiliated students to see if they are eligible for federal or state military benefits to assist with their education.

Federal VA Benefits TX Hazlewood

Net Price Calculator

UTSA’s Net Price Calculator is designed to help current and prospective students, their families and other consumers estimate the net price of a given higher education institution. It will calculate a potential financial aid offer that includes scholarships, grants, loans and work study eligibility.