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The Keep Running with Us (KRWU) program is a streamlined admissions process to retain talented University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) undergraduate students and alumni in pursuit of their graduate education.

The KRWU program offers admission into participating master’s programs via the Auto-Admit or VIP application process. The KRWU application can be completed in minutes and removes many of the common barriers that come with applying to graduate school. Selected candidates are fast-tracked through the graduate admissions process that waives test scores and supplemental documentation including statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and resume/CV.


The process is simple. Eligible domestic and international undergraduate students and alumni who have completed a minimum of 90 semester credit hours and meet the university-wide criteria of a 3.0 GPA can qualify for entrance into a participating master’s program. Note: participating degree programs may have additional criteria for eligibility.

Once a student is selected for admission, they will receive an email invitation from The Graduate School with detailed instructions on how to apply to KRWU. If you feel like you meet the criteria but haven’t received an official invitation, please contact your academic department for more information.

VIP Nomination

The VIP program is based on faculty nominations. The nomination serves as the highest form of recommendation. The VIP admissions program is limited to master’s programs (thesis/non-thesis option, or internship option) only. Many but not all programs at UTSA participate.

The VIP nomination process allows a tenure or tenure track UTSA faculty member to recognize outstanding UTSA students who have completed a minimum of 90 hours and alumni for admission into a graduate program. Alumni must have graduated within three years of the admission term of nomination. Both domestic and international students can qualify.


  • Must be a degree-seeking student with a minimum of 90 hours completed or awarded an undergraduate degree at UTSA or alumni who have graduated within three years
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00
  • Discipline GPA of 3.30
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Additional departmental prerequisite requirements may apply

Once a student receives a faculty VIP nomination, students will need to apply through the UTSA Graduate Admission Application and upload their nomination letter. Students must apply for the term to which they were invited or nominated. An updated invitation or nomination must be submitted if you were unable to apply for that semester or missed the deadline.

Please note, if you’re an international alumnus who is residing in your home country, you will most likely need to complete the full student visa process. As you know, this process can take time. We highly encourage you to complete the KRWU application as soon as possible to ensure successful navigation of the visa process.