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Value of a Minor

Are you interested in enhancing your studies with a minor? In addition to major areas of study, UTSA offers a variety of programs that provide valuable contributions to students' academic careers. While pursuing an undergraduate minor, students have the opportunity to explore personal interests and passions outside of their major program or complement their current major, helping them further stand out in the job market.
Media and Medicine Student

Why Pursue a Minor in Media and Medicine

This program is a perfect complement for students interested in health, humanities, media, and more. The minor in Media and Medicine provides an opportunity to select from a range of compelling classes that deliver not only knowledge, but also tangible, real-world skills. Students will engage with public health and the community; experience hands-on training and practice with advanced digital video hardware and software; and get exposure to contemporary and historical media in and about sickness, health, and healthcare, all while getting real skills and building a portfolio.

Media and Medicine Students

What You'll Study

After taking required courses Film and Medicine and Introduction to Medical Humanities, students will choose four more courses offered across numerous departments and multiple colleges, including:

  • Basics of Screenwriting
  • Game Programming
  • Health Communication Campaigns
  • Global Health
  • Medical Sociology
  • And many more
Entertainment and Film Club

Get Involved

Pursuing this minor is a great way to get involved at UTSA. This program is affiliated with a yearly student film screening and two clubs, including the Entertainment and Film Club, which offers an educational and discussion setting as well as a more hands-on approach to collaborate in smaller groups in rotating roles and create films. Students in this program will have plenty of opportunities to develop their skills in and out of the classroom and make friends who share their passion for film and media.

Adding a Minor

Though not required, declaring a minor is an excellent way to enhance your major area of study. A minor typically consists of 6 courses (18 semester credit hours), and may have additional requirements depending on the minor selected. After being admitted to UTSA and registered for classes, students can meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss the addition of a minor to their degree plan.

Please note, students can add a minor as long as they have earned less than 75 credit hours. However, the addition of a minor may or may not delay graduation. All requirements for the minor must be met at graduation; a minor cannot be added to a student’s degree program once they graduate. Students should meet with their assigned academic advisor to understand the impacts of adding a minor to their degree plan.

Students will find this minor to be a great complement to the BA in Medical Humanities or the BA in Film and Media (Multidisciplinary Studies). It’s also an easy fit with degrees in Communication, Humanities, Computer Science, Anthropology, Sociology, and numerous Health majors.